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Custom Magnets


We routinely manufacture magnets to our customers' specifications. We have assisted many Fortune 500 companies produce magnets for their specific application. We have the ability to produce magnets with varying magnetic properties, pole orientation, size, shape, temperature range, protective coatings and mechanical properties. We specialize in rare-earth magnetic materials and can produce magnets in NdFeB and SmCo materials. We can produce both sintered and bonded magnetic materials. If you have a specific requirement, contact us to discuss your application. We have produced magnets for numerous clients over the years. Some of our representative customers are shown below.


To request a custom sized magnet in bulk quantity please fill out the form below. We will provide a quotation within 48 hours.

We have a five week minimum production timeframe for custom made magnets. All custom made magnets have a $500 setup charge. If your requirement cannot be captured by this form, please contact us by phone to discuss.

Customer Service Available Monday- Friday 8am - 5pm ET
Contact us: Magcraft EMail Image or Give us a call: (888)774-6005